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Architectural Designs That Are In Trend This 2020

Home design and structures evolve over time to be able to adapt to new environmental conditions, as well as technological advancements. Modern-day homes now have room for smart appliances, as well as eco-friendly power sources. But aside from smart homes maximizing energy efficiency, below are some other architectural design trends this 2020. 

The 2020 trends also have one thing in common: the commitment to sustainable development and sustainable architecture. Society in general is evolving towards environmental commitment and architectural trends, as a social manifestation, too.

The use of recyclable materials, buildings that are self-sufficient and installations of all kinds that respect the planet are becoming more frequent. But there are more trends in architecture that we tell you below.


Kitchen and Bath

During this year, there will be greater attention given to the kitchen and bath designs during home construction or renovation. The reason behind this is that the kitchen is often the center of household activities, generating the most foot traffic in a home. Thus, it should be designed to cater to this, while still being visually pleasing.

The kitchen has traditionally been the most experienced room in the house. In it we prepare the food and, in many occasions, the family gathers to eat. But it is also the favourite place for children to play or for guests to have an aperitif.

That's why the architectural trends for 2020 give prominence to the kitchen, increasing its dimensions and connecting it with the dining room and living room. If you have that possibility, place a central island that serves as a water area and breakfast bar and visually separates the area from the living room.

On the other hand, bathrooms are now being designed as zen rooms because people no longer regard it as a place for personal care and hygiene. Rather, bathrooms are now safe havens made for ultimate comfort and relaxation.The new tendencies in baths bet for coatings in very clear colors or white, with tiles that facilitate the cleanliness and transmit calm and serenity. The shower becomes the main protagonist of the bathroom, be it a hydromassage cabin or a shower with screen. It is important that it has the necessary dimensions so that its use is comfortable for all users. As a matter of fact, there has been a surge for people seeking the installment of bathtubs and jacuzzis in their bath, which is an indication that they are looking forward to relaxing in their bathrooms.


Maximizing the Outdoors

Another trend in architectural design this year is the full utilization of outdoor spaces. Designers from architecture firms often recommend the installation of a deck, a patio, a balcony, or a terrace as long as the outdoor proximity will allow. If there is rather limited space for this installation, it can be that the designers will come up with a blueprint that limits the indoor space to pave way for an outdoor living area. If these outdoor spaces, which are considered major design elements, are properly maintained, they can surely provide an avenue for entertainment all year long.


Open Spaces

Most interior designs for this year will cater to big and open spaces which are sometimes a luxury, particularly for homes with a limited floor area. Nevertheless, adaptable open spaces provide liberty to the homeowners to design their interior spaces as they see fit for a certain period of time. In case they intend to perform a makeover or an upgrade in the future, it will be effortless for them to do so without the walls or partitions that they need to take into consideration. 

The commitment to integrate different areas of the home to create diaphanous and polyvalent environments is becoming clearer. This solution will allow you to enjoy more meters, what you gain from the partitioned walls, and very practical spaces for the whole family.

Use building materials that serve as a link between the rooms and decorate the entire room in a consistent way, to gain space and light.


Minimalist Design

Finally, minimalist design is another architectural trend this year wherein avant-garde and contemporary materials are used. With these types of materials, thermal and acoustic insulation are ensured, paving the way for cost and energy efficiency. Minimalist designs also employ the use of iron, aluminum, or wood characterized in asymmetrical forms and simple lines. Not only will these materials reduce construction costs, but they also make for an aesthetically pleasing design.

The trend towards minimalism in architecture translates into a commitment to simple forms using modern and avant-garde materials. It is a trend to use quality materials to guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation that will result in economic savings and an environmental benefit.



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