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4 Reasons to Hire a Property Stylist

Selling property is a significant activity. With thousands of dollars at stake, you, as a property vendor, must make sure to present it in the best possible light. The current trend is to empty the property of all existing furniture and hire a property styling professional. The activity may seem a little expensive at first, but the returns are so high that it outweighs the expenses. There was a time when styling a property was a rich man’s thing. But, in modern times, almost every property owner opts for this practice. Get in touch with expert styling firms like Advantage property styling to ensure that a property sells at the best price. 

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Why should you hire a property styling expert?Property owners have a deep sentimental attachment to their homes, and they cannot look at the house from an outsider’s perspective. On the other hand, a styling expert views things from a neutral standpoint, weighs up what purchasers in the area want, and devises strategies to make the home appealing to the maximum number of prospective buyers.


1. To compel the buyer to inspect the property

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If you are trying to sell a property, you should guarantee that it stands out from its competitors in terms of its looks. As creating a positive first impression is the stepping stone to a successful deal, the property must appear great in print or online. How it looks will determine whether a buyer will read your advertisement, click on it to learn more or give it a pass.

Your main objective as a property vendor is to get prospective buyers through the door to inspect the property. The more people visit it, the more chances are there for someone to emotionally connect with the property. 


2. To display the ideal lifestyle

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When potential buyers look at the images of a styled property, they can imagine the best possible life they can lead. Stylists use their market knowledge and experience to identify the target buyers for a specific property and create a setting that will appeal to those buyers. Here again, your aim is to get purchasers attached to your property through feelings and emotions. With a line of such potential buyers, you can close the deal successfully. 


3. To de-personalise the spaces

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Remove all things personal. Travel knick-knacks that you purchased on your previous family trips or family photos on the walls mean a lot to you. But, stylists will want to portray the house or apartment in a completely different manner to potential buyers. They will use de-personalised decorating items to touch a chord with buyers so that they can visualise their artifacts and family pictures within that space.


4. A sense of scale and space

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A vacant property makes it difficult for a potential buyer to understand how big it is and how he will arrange his furniture in the available space. A property stylist provides the right sized furniture to fit the area so that buyers can get an idea about the best use of space.

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