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5 things to remember before buying kids rugs

Decorating a kid's room can be really fun as you have a lot of colors and designs to experiment with and give it a unique look. A rug is an essential requirement in the child's nursery or playroom as it adds to the room's overall character. It provides warmth and comfort to the child, and hence, you need to be mindful of its style, size and texture. While purchasing kids rugs, there are several things to consider. Some suggestions are made to help you make the right choice:


1. Consider the age

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When you buy the rug for your kid's nursery, the only factor you need is to see if the rug complements the decor. Choosing rugs for a toddler requires prioritizing comfort as, by this time, the child starts crawling. Hence, the texture and fabric of the rug must keep the child warm and comfortable. It is best to go for cotton fabric in bright colors to keep the child positive and help his/her growth.

When your child starts school, you can use low pile rugs where the child can explore the entire room. You can choose various shapes and patterns like geometric shapes, letters, plants, and automobiles to help the child learn more creatively.


2. Child’s preferences

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If your child is of age to assert his/her preferences, include them in the process of decision making. Children always have a say in the choice of colors, superhero figurines, and animals as they excite them. While some children find the fluffy rugs cozy and comfortable, some may feel otherwise. You can also introduce the children to different styles and designs like bohemian rugs or oriental rugs that fit the room’s decor. Kids rugs can also be customized according to the child's interest to ensure the right blend of appeal, comfort and quality. 


3. Fabric of the rug

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The fabric is one of the most crucial factors to consider while buying rugs for children. The material that you choose must be long-lasting and comfy. Children are mischief-makers, and you always need to be on the lookout for spilled items, clay dough, and smeared foods that leave the rugs wet and dirty. Hence, the fabric must be sturdy to bear wear and tear.

Wool is long-lasting, velvety and soft. It is very easy to clean and does not leave stains. Cotton is thin and lightweight, which is ideal for the harsh summers. Polyester is easy to clean and a budget-friendly option.


4. Tight weaves

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Flatweave is the best for kids rugs. Loose weaves are susceptible to tears and ball spots. To make the rug last long, machine-made, tufted or flat-woven rugs are ideal as the little miscreants will find it a task to pull their fibers out. You must also steer clear from loop woven, and shag rugs as dirt and food spills may lodge within and ruin them.


5. Safety

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Safety is the topmost concern when purchasing rugs for children. You must buy rugs that have slip-pads underneath to prevent slipping or sliding. Many of you also prefer layering rugs to create a more detailed look. However, it should also be done carefully to prevent tripping hazards. It is suggested to refrain from layering rugs if your child is too little and tends to run across the room. You can try layering in an older child's room, nursery, or if the kids' room is constantly supervised. 

Consider the above factors thoroughly and make the right investment for the rug in your child’s room.   

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